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See Around Britain & See Around Europe form a huge photo gazetteer throughout the UK and Ireland and mainland Europe, designed for everybody, including disabled people, to help decide if a venue will be suitable for visits.

Everything from transport access to washroom facilities can be viewed in a series of photographs of the venue. View the suitability and accessibility before you plan to visit or arrive at the venue.

Please see the 2-minute film at below:

There are well over 500,000 photos taken by its Founder Trustee, Marg McNiel, who was born with a mobility impairment and since 1992 has had without remission the physically debilitating disability ME. He has spent a lifetime in community and heritage education. An Irish citizen, (his unusual first male name is Norse), he has travelled extensively in Europe over many years.

The charity has produced Key Facts to assist users about each specific Country and Region, which can be accessed by clicking here

Grateful thanks are given to fellow disabled people, carers, friends, and volunteers who have contributed in making See Around Britain a must-have accessory. We also want to thank the Private sector for its support and sponsorship, including our solicitors Ellis-Fermor Negus of Nottingham.

The urgent need for volunteers:
In 3 areas of our work:

  • Important note for all volunteers:
  • As the Founder has limited energy due to his disability, it is essential that volunteers are self-motivated, computer literate, and thorough in their research.
  • If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please do get in touch. We are keen to hear from people from all walks of life.
  • Please provide reasons why you believe you would be suited for this volunteering role. Please consider the job description and outline any relevant skills and experience that you feel would benefit you in this role. We are also interested to hear what has attracted you to do volunteering work for the charity?
  • Please let us know your time availability, and your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, and year of birth.
  • We will consider all applications and look forward to hearing from you. If you require any further information prior to applying please contact us at support@seearoundbritain.com which is also the email address to which volunteer applications must be sent please.

Data Inputters

We urgently need to enlarge the team to work on photographs that need to be uploaded to the website with descriptions for their venues. We can give training in this, which can be done at home, but volunteers will need their own computer.

We are looking to recruit a number of volunteers that can help to carry out the crucial role of researching and collating the essential information that is provided on our website. The role will include using a variety of methods to carry out research on various tourist attraction and other destinations and then using a template to write descriptive and informative information to be published on the website.

This stimulating work will let you travel and discover a wide range of venues from your armchair.

Volunteers must be self-motivated, understand the importance to avoid plagiarism and be computer literate. Please provide an account of why you feel you would be suited for this interesting and worthwhile role, providing evidence where possible.

Photographing additional venues in your local area:

The aim of our website is to create a skeleton of coverage throughout the UK and Europe, and invite adding more venues to it by the website’s users and venue owners, by contributing photographs, preferably wide-angle, with a description following the same template of headings already used by us.

We are looking to recruit a number of volunteers that can help to carry out the crucial role of providing additional venues to be added to our website in the area in which they live.

See Around Britain is a charity that aims to offer individuals free information regarding a wide variety of both everyday (from Cafés to libraries, post offices, pharmacies, hospitals and surgeries) and tourist destinations. A specific focus is placed on the accessibility for disabled individuals, therefore providing crucial information that will allow potential visitors to make an informed decision about the suitability of a destination.

A template will be provided to identify what aspects and facilities of a venue need to be photographed. As can be seen from existing venues already on the website, this will include how good the signage is both to, and at the venue, how easy it is to find and travel to, its main attractions, and important information for a wide range of sensual impairments, including hearing, learning, muscular and visual.

When sending photographs of the venue to the charity, volunteers need to accompany them with summary information of the key information provided on the website’s existing venues.

Both of the above can be done by anyone online in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Some Volunteers may want to combine both.

Admin support volunteers:

To assist Marg McNiel with his administrative duties, both being able to travel (expenses would be covered) to the office to lend him support, and also do work from home on their own computer after their regular visits to the office.

The work will involve a range of admin skills and research, but will not involve bookkeeping or handling cash.

In this case, they ideally will be within 40 minutes drive of our office, which is at a rural farmhouse 3 miles north of Carmarthen in West Wales. Because of its location, there is no public transport, so volunteers must have their own transport.

If you have any queries on volunteering, please contact us at support@seearoundbritain.com

This is also the address for volunteer applications to be sent please.

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