Ruined Mine Building, Glen Rushen Road.

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Before attempting to access any disused mine building or mine area please read the following:

This mine building is situated just off the Glen Rushen Road, which is a no through road from Glen Maye, so access is from A36 or Arrasey road.  It can be seen from the road and is accessed by a track.
For walkers it can be included in a circular walk 5 miles (8 km) starting at Glen Maye, see 'Warden's Walk' no 7:

Brief Description:

This mine building and chimney is part of the Beckwith's lead mines. For information on the history of all the mines and accessing them, please see:
further historical information can be found here:

Further Information:


Glen Rushen Road, Foxdale



01624 801263 (Forestry, Amenity and Lands Directorate)


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The ruin is situated on the Glen Rushen Road, which is a no through road from and to Glen Maye.  About 3miles (4.9km) from Foxdale via A3/A36 and the same from Glen Maye via Arrasey Road.  OS SC 253 779


Contact Isle of Man Public Transport, Banks Circus, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5PT

Telephone: +44 1624 662525 (Infoline)

Amenities: There is a service station, pub and shop in Foxdale. There is a pub in Glen Maye.